Fulfilling Desires
We bet, while watching Jodha Akbar or Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo, the majestic sets must have evoked the following reactions:
1. Wow.
2. What if we could live here & experience all of this first hand.

Nd’s Art World will soon make this dream of common man a reality.


ND’s Film World plans to build theme-based, super luxury hotels and resorts offering a special experience of Royal Living.

Amidst the intricate architecture, glittering chandeliers and the warmth of the traditional diyaas…. guests will feel like Royal Highness.

With loads of innovation, artistic mastery and warm services, we are confident to pull Visitors again & again. What’s remarkable is that these structures will be replaced with new themes and different decor after a few months or few years. Each time a new look.

Why travel far, when people can experience multiple attractions in one place.


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