Can I bring outside food and drinks to the park?
Apart from infants and expecting mothers, guests are not allowed to bring outside food and beverages into the park.

Is the theme park open during monsoon?
Yes, the Theme Park is open and functional all year round. Though, the park may keep some of the Sets / Area non-operational for safety purposes.

What kind of food is available at the park?
There are multiple restaurants at the park that serve various cuisines. View restaurant details.

Are there reservations available for restaurants?
As of now, we aren’t taking any reservations for the park restaurants.

Can I leave the Theme Park and come back again on the same day without being charged?
We do not allow guests to step out and re-enter the Park at any time during park hours.

Are there any personal items which may not be permitted to bring into the park?
View rules and regulations to know more about restricted items.

Are there any new attractions or shows in the near future?
Yes, at periodic intervals, new attractions and shows will be added to the range of existing Programs.

What attractions might be closed during my visit?
Depending on the weather, few Sets / Locations may be closed for your safety.

Up to what age is the entry free at ND’s Theme Park?
Free Entry for Children below 3 years

Do you have a baggage counter facility?
Yes we do have a baggage counter facility, however they are limited and strictly on “first come first serve” basis. It is thus advisable to leave all your, essentials for a day’s outing, in your Car.

Where is the theme park located?
Karjat Road, Chowk Phata, Khalapur, Near Hatnoli Village, District Raigad, Karjat, Maharashtra 410206

How long does it take to see the entire theme park?
Approx 3 Hours

Do you have first aid facilities in the park?
Yes, we have Medical Centers in the Park.

How long are your queues?
The length of the queue is completely dependent on the number of guest visiting.

How do I reclaim an item of lost property?
We have a Lost And Found Counter inside the park, speak to the Service Attendant at the counter and he/she will help you locate and retrieve your lost property.

How is the connectivity at the park for mobile phones?
Special arrangements have been made for mobile connectivity, with Vodafone, Idea & Airtel.

Is there wifi service available at the park?
Yes, We do have Wi-Fi facility inside the Park

How can I protect my valuables while in the park?
We advocate not carrying Valuables. With limited baggage counter facilities, the problem of valuables gets compounded.

Can my special dietary request be accommodated at the restaurants?
We offer Veg and Non-Veg meals. We also offer Jain meals at Veg restaurants.

How can I find out about different restaurants at the park?
Browse through the website to know more about all the park’s restaurants.

Can I bring Camera to the park?
Guests can bring their personal cameras for leisure photography. DSLR cameras with detachable lenses are allowed.

What is the weather at Theme Park?
It is reasonably Hot during summers. In June arrives the breathtaking Monsoons. Khopoli is famous for its waterfalls and greenery. One needs to be adequately prepared for the torrential rain which occur quite often.

Where is the information booths located?
At the entrance itself in the Arrival Plaza.

Are there any Swipe facilities within the park?
Yes We do have Credit/Debit Card Swipe Facilities with in the Park

Can I upgrade my ticket?
Yes at the Box office Counter.

Can I get a refund of my ticket?
A refund is processed only if the tickets are cancelled 48 hours prior to visit date. Refunds may be subjected to a refund charge.

Is alcohol served at the park?
Park regulation prohibits alcohol brought from outside the park. However, alcohol is served inside the park, at the Retro Bar restaurants.

What is the pricing structure like?
Learn more about the prices by visiting the Tickets & Offers.

How many people are required to be eligible for group bookings at Theme Park?
Minimum 50 people are required for group bookings.

What are the terms and conditions for car and bus travel options?
Car and bus services are handled by 3rd party partners, and not by us.

Are prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes?
Taxes and fees will be added where applicable.

How is the money refunded if I cancel my tickets?
Amount will be refunded to the same mode of payment which was used during the time of booking.

Within how many days will I receive my Refund?
Refund will be processed within 15 working days from the date of cancellation.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations of entry tickets are permitted only up to 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit, and 25% cancellation charges shall be levied on the total price paid. No refunds are permitted if cancellations are made within 48 hours prior to the intended date of visit. Partial cancellations or modifications are not permitted.

The Park tickets are issued only for the date as mentioned thereon. These tickets cannot be used on any other date and no refunds shall be given for unused tickets. Similarly, no chargeback’s are permissible on unused tickets. No refunds are admissible on cancellation or alteration of vehicle bookings.